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The film was released on 19 August 1999 in India and received critical acclaim. It was later dubbed in Hindi as Wide Open. The same year, it was released in United States as Love in the Time of Indecency. It is a remake of 1997 German film In the Name of the Child, a story about a woman who commits infanticide to escape an arranged marriage. Plot Ajay (Rahul Bose) is a well-to-do and a wealthy man. He is the only son of his father Narayana (Nagarjuna). His family is not well to do and the sole earning member of the family is his elder brother Suman. He likes to support the financially poor and the weaker sections of society. His girlfriend, Nina (Laila Rouass), an English woman, had come to India to get married to him, but she is in love with him. However, her father, who is an influential industrialist, wants her to get married to someone of high social standing. Her father does not approve of her relationship with Ajay as she is a Catholic and he is a Hindu. To get around this, he employs an astrologer who advises Ajay and Nina to get married secretly. Suman has been suffering from cancer and soon after he learns about this, he leaves to meet Ajay in Delhi. However, Ajay and Nina get married secretly. Ajay's parents meet Nina and disapprove of their relationship and their marriage. They tell him to divorce her. A few days later, when Ajay and Nina return to his house, Ajay gets a call from his father saying that Suman has died. He asks Ajay to return to Bangalore. Ajay decides to return to his house as he has many things to deal with, but Nina refuses to go. She says that she would not be allowed to enter Narayana's house if she does not live there. He tells her that she would have to face the music if she did not go with him. She, however, refuses to go and decides to stay there. Meanwhile, Suman's relatives arrive to claim the inheritance of his estate. Ajay and Nina come to know about this and think that they have no choice but to leave the house, which is owned by his father. They go to her friend's house to wait for her. Later, they go to the police station to inform her relatives about their escape from the house and are informed that they have taken



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Watch Online Hindi Movie Split Wide Openl chermele

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